Funding Guidelines for Conference Support

  1. fundingCheck with your DS and/or District Vitality Team to see if support for your project is possible.
  2. No project will be funded entirely through conference grants. Grants are typically offered as “matching” funds. No more than 50% of a project budget will be funded.
  3. Projects that will have the greatest impact on a significant number of people will be given the most serious consideration for grants (e.g. new worship venue for a different cultural or demographic group; commitment to a 2-3 year revitalization process; coaching; missional engagement in the community, etc.)
  4. Funding will be granted in installments.
  5. A progress report and review by the Conference Vitality Team will be required before installments of grants given.
  6. Churches may reapply for funding support for a maximum or two years.
  7. A complete proposal must be submitted in a timely fashion for grant consideration.