Four Key Considerations Before Taking Your Next Step

Key1. Processes are more effective than products

  • We tend to look for the “magic bullets” or “secret formulas” for church growth and vitality as quick fixes with little time and investment on our parts. These rarely succeed. However, processes that are culturally relevant, involve significant numbers of people, investment of time, and deliberate patient steps almost always yield more fruitfulness.
  • Resist the “one size fits all” resources and strategies that cannot be adapted to your own cultural context

2. Coaching is better than going it alone

  • Churches who employ a coach for their pastor and key leaders tend to experience greater missional effectiveness and growth than churches who don’t.
  • Coaching can help you acknowledge obstacles that may be causing your decline and keep you from moving forward toward God’s vision for you.

3. Prayerfulness is more fruitful than prescriptions

  • Jesus said, “I will build MY church!” (Matt. 16:18)  Why not ask for his guidance before you turn to the latest, greatest (whatever happens to be popular today) resource out there?

4. Openness to the Holy Spirit’s guidance is more powerful than working harder at doing the things you have always done

  • Insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over again and getting the same results.
  • Prayerfully reading through the Book of Acts may ignite a passion in you to begin this work!

Before making your next move toward congregational vitality it is strongly suggested that you consult with your District Superintendent,  and/or the Church Vitality Strategist assigned to your district. These people will listen to learn where you are right now, help you better understand the mission field around you, and provide direction regarding helping programs or processes available to you.