funding(1)Funding to support a new church will likely come from a variety of sources including the district, annual conference, parenting church, missional networks, community partnerships and grants.

When it comes to funding this new work no stone should be left unturned!

One key strategy that should be discussed at the first stakeholder’s meeting is,“What expectation, if any, do we have of the planting pastor and launch team members to raise a portion of the start-up investment for their ministry?”

Church planting leaders will ALWAYS be raising up faithful stewards to support the ministry of Christ in and through their church. There will NEVER be a time when the need for strong financial support will end. For this reason, it is helpful for planter AND KEY LAY LEADERS to be expected AND TRAINED to raise the initial seed money needed to begin their work including how to cast vision and invite people to give to it and how to approach major donors and elicit their support.  This training will be provided by the Church Vitality Staff of the annual conference as part of the two-year Academy for Church Planters.

Though this is under review, funding is currently provided for approved new church starts in either 3 or 6 year periods, at a declining rate each year, depending on the strategy employed.

NOTE: If, after review and adjustments during the first 18 months the project is not keeping pace with the benchmarks as agreed upon by the stakeholders, continued conference funding may decrease or cease altogether. We have to be good stewards of the limited resources that have been entrusted to us!

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