Church Vitality Team Publishes E-Book

by WNCC News

Vital-Navigate290The Church Vitality Team of the Western North Carolina Conference has produced many digital resources for local churches and individuals.

These resources can be accessed at the Church Vitality Team page at:

The most recent resource developed is an E-Book.  Kim Shockley had created a six-part series that was shared on the VITAL blog (  over the summer, and she wondered what would be her next project.

Michael Rich, the Web & Communications Manager for the Conference, suggested that the series could be combined into one easily accessible e-book. “Almost 40% of the use of our website is through mobile devices, we should make more of our resources available in this format.”

The e-book, entitled, Navigate: Moving Toward Church Vitality, can be downloaded and viewed on iPhones, iPads and Android devices as long as you have an ePub reader installed (ex: iBooks).

[Download the file from this link], open it with your ePub reader, and enjoy an informative read that you might have missed over the summer.

***Note- it works best to download this file on your phone or tablet since ePub readers work best on those devices.